Weekend bags

Vacation season is coming up and I like to pack light. I have been looking for some reasonably priced duffel bags that will get me through a weekend. Actually, the way I pack, some of these could get me through more than a weekend. I really don’t like to drag a suitcase, especially not along dirty sidewalks, or up and down stairs in the subway. A duffel would be perfect for me.

Mariner Canvas and Leather duffel, Amazon – $39.97 (plus shipping)

Although it’s not a huge bag, the leather details make it look more expensive. There are not any reviews on Amazon, so I cannot speak for its durability.

Goodhope bags Ecoduffel, Sears – $35.99 (plus shipping)

Good hope bags Eco duffelThis bag is available everywhere – Sears, Walmart, Luggage.com. It is made from canvas and recycled straw. It is also available in natural canvas, but I prefer the black and white contrast shown above.

Driftwood Canvas Duffel, ebay – $40.99 (plus $17.50 shipping)

driftwood duffle bagThis is another canvas bag with what appear to be leather (or leather-like) accents. This looks more interesting to me than the Mariner. The interior looks good from the pictures.

Ossington Prince Duffel, Amazon – $89.99 shipped

Ossington Prince duffel bagThis bag is a little more expensive than the others, but Ossington is a well-known and trusted brand, so there should not be any issues with its quality. The Prince duffel is also available in grey and navy, but I prefer the Khaki version.

I am still actively looking for a duffel bag. If you know of any other reasonably priced duffel bags, please leave a comment.

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