My Zappos Experience

I have just had my first shopping experience Zappos, and although it didn’t go quite according to plan initially, I am very pleased with their service.

zappos logo

They aren't kidding about the service

A couple of weeks back I made my first ever order from Zappos, a pair of grey desert boots. I paid for them by PayPal and received my shipping confirmation a few days later.

On the day that I was meant to recieve my shoes I checked the UPS website. I saw that my package was returning to the sender due to an incorrect address. Either the Zappos website or PayPal had truncated the shipping address on my order, making it unreadable. I immediately contacted the Zappos customer service, and I was asked to confirm my address. I did so and they said that they had informed UPS of the address change. I was reassured that my package would reach me soon.

Later that day I received an email from Zappos customer service stating that the package was still returning to them, and they would refund my Pay Pal account. I was not seriously perturbed by this, but I thought it was a bit strange that while I obviously wanted the shoes, they didn’t seem to want my money.

I received a customer satisfaction survey email from Zappos the next day, and I decided to fill it out. I explained what had happened, and asked that a customer service manager contact me to discuss the situation.

A week or so went by, and I saw Zappos refund the payment to my PayPal. I thought the matter was over, and I didn’t really expect to hear anything more from them. Yesterday I got an email stating that my order was being processed for shipment. I was confused and I thought that they had decided to sell me the shoes again. An hour or so later I received an email from customer service telling me that due to the confusion they were sending the shoes to me overnight for free. Yes, that’s right, free shoes! I am blown away by the level of service. Zappos clearly realize that customer service is the key to their business, and I will certainly purchase from them again.

My free shoes

My Free shoes!

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One Response to My Zappos Experience

  1. Andrew7 says:

    That’s awesome to hear a great customer service story from an online retailer which are a dime a dozen and seemingly indistinguishable without hearing stories such as these. Along those lines – basically the exact thing happened to me with J. Crew. A mix up (which seems to be the fault of the shipping service) led to the delivery failure and return. They called me personally and refunded my money while stilling shipping the shirt back out. This was followed up by a few calls to make sure everything was satisfactory and in order. Needless to say, I haven’t stopped ordering from J. Crew and Zappos will now be on my short list as well.

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