There is currently a debate on the dappered threads forum about whether espadrilles are suitable for men. I think that they are, but maybe not for everybody. I would like a pair to wear primarily as beach and vacation shoes. The standard are Tom’s classics which start at $44. There are a few other options which allow you to dip your toes into the the espadrille waters without spending so much cash. I have graded them according to your comfort level with espadrilles.

“I’m worried that all of my friends will laugh at me.” H&M Espadrilles, $12.95

These don’t seem to be on the U.S. site anymore, but they are still available in stores. Construction seems to be hit and miss – I found some with visible glue residue on them. These are so cheap that you can wear them to the beach a few times and toss them if you don’t like them.


Urban Outfitters slip-on espadrilles, $20 (plus shipping)

Urban Outfitters espadrille

If you don’t live by an H&M, you can grab these online. They are still pretty reasonably priced.

“I think I can rock these, but I want to try it out first.” Top Man ‘Ibiza’ espadrilles, $25 with free shipping.

Topman espadrilles

The Topman espadrilles are reasonably priced and include some cool details. The blue solid and striped combination above is probably the coolest pair they have, in my opinion. You should be aware that these ship from the UK with the Royal Mail and USPS, this means they may take a while to arrive.

“I am comfortable with espadrilles, but I don’t want to drop $95 on a pair of Tom’s.” Soludos, $26 plus shipping (about $10 to NY)

These have a full jute rope sole, and come in interesting fabrics like linen and denim (above).

Here is some inspiration for wearing espadrilles:

From street etiquette:

Men in espadrillesOr, with t-shirts and khaki or white shorts as seen here in beach (or South Street Seaport) wear. Espadrilles are definitely easier to pull off in sight of water.

france espadrilles

Paired with light colored chinos or linen pants, again they look very casual and summery.

(And, they definitely look good sitting on centuries old steps next to any European river.)

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