Nautical Alternatives

Lately, everyone has been pushing nautical shirts and sweaters. Put this on and Steet Ettiquette have both recently extolled the virtues of striped shirts for summer.

Put This On‘s most affordable option was the telnynashka. The most reasonable one I found was here on ebay for $18.99 shipped.

Here are a few other options:

The first, and cheapest, forgoes the long sleeves and adds a pocket:

(Summer scarf? I'm still skeptical)

$12.95 from H&M

The second option is more expensive, but it looks great:

$39.50 from Lands’ End Canvas

I should make it clear that I am not a polo guy and $40 is a lot of money for a short sleeve shirt. I think this is a cool piece though, and the Chambray collar puts it over the top.

LEC also does a crew neck striped shirt for $24.50.

The last option I have is a little bit different. These shirts are made by R.P. Miller at a  hundred-year-old mill in Pennsylvania. These knit shirts are more in line with St. James sweaters than the telnynashka.

$25 (plus shipping) from Gravel and Gold

The ‘Natural and Navy’ option looks the most nautical to me. I also found a few vintage (but unworn) R. P. Miller shirts on ebay:

More nautical looking and just under $26 shipped.

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